Will the installation damage my foundation?

A. The Storm Safe Shelters installation team has years of experience and will not perform any actions that would jeopardize the integrity of your home’s foundation or structure.

Can you install an below ground shelter outside?

A. Yes. Below ground shelters can be installed outside, but require a different type of door and ventilation system to prevent outside elements from entering the shelter.

Do you offer financing for your storm shelters?

A. YES! Storm Safe offers easy financing options through a partnership with Synchrony. We also work closely with multiple lenders and encourage anyone seeking finance options to check out our ‘REBATES & FINANCING’ page for more information.

Will I need a building permit to install my shelter?

A. Possibly. Permit requirements vary widely depending on your city or county. Contact your local Building Inspection, or Code Enforcement department to find out. Getting a permit for a storm shelter may involve completing a simple building permit application for your safe room, or providing a copy of your property plot plan (or survey) with the tornado shelter location designated on the drawing.

 How long does it take to install a storm shelter?

A. Most shelter installations only take 3-4 hours. Occasionally, an installation can take a little longer.

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