Tornado shelters save lives

In the waning minutes before the May 20th tornado was beginning to lower and begin it’s rampage across Moore, Oklahoma, meteorologist Mike Morgan told viewers that this tornado was going to be worse than the May 3rd tornado. As he scanned the radar studying the intensity of the storm, he then changed his warning and said that if anyone was in the path of the tornado and did not have a tornado storm shelter they had to leave the area immediately. Simply riding out the storm in their inner closet or bathtub might not save their lives as this tornado was too strong. 

We don’t know any of the exact numbers yet of the people whose lives were saved because they owned a tornado storm shelter and took shelter in it during the tornado, but the simple and direct statement made by Mike Morgan was clear and concise. Some tornadoes are just too powerful to ride out without the safety that is provided by an underground tornado storm shelter!

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